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We Provide Premium
Beauty Services

After hour appointments are  available upon request with notice

All services require 24-hour cancelation. If not, fee will be charged a service charge would apply.

Classic Lashes

Classic Full Set$150

4 Week Fill$105

3 Week Fill$85

2 Week Fill$75

1 Week Fill$45

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Full Set$170

4 Week Fill$130

3 Week Fill$95

2 Week Fill$80

1 Week Fill$55

Volume Lashes

Volume Full Set$195

4 Week Fill$145

3 Week Fill$115

2 Week Fill$90

1 Week Fill$60

Mega Volume 

Mega Volume Full Set$210

4 Week Fill$180

3 Week Fill$140

2 Week Fill$100

1 Week Fill$70

Lower Waxing


Brazillian Bikini$50

Male Brazilian$100+

Full Leg$55

Full Leg & Bikini$70

Full Leg & Brazilian$100

Half Leg$55

Half Leg & Bikini$50

Upper Waxing

Chest or Back$60+


Eyebrows + Upper Lip$21


Full Arm$35

Full Body Wax$250+


Male Arm$50+

Upper Lip or Chin$9

Under Arms$18

$10 with another waxing service over $20.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal

IPL Is permanent hair removal for dark hair. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a cosmetic skin treatment. People may use it to reduce the signs of ain and or to remove unwanted hair. Other uses includde reducing the apperance of scars, lightening darker patched of skin and improving the appearance of telangiectasia and rosacea.

Packages are also available. Consultation is required.

Areola IPL$70

Bikini IPL$120

Brazilian IPL$140

Chin IPL$80

Full Arm IPL$250

Full Back IPL$350

Full Leg IPL$390

Glabella IPL$50

Half Arm IPL$145

Half Face IPL$130

Lower Back IPL$125

Lower Leg IPL$120

Sideburns IPL$60

Sternum IPL$60

Under Arms IPL$105

Under Arms IPL$105

Upper Lip IPL$50

An IPLEXTRA 818 treament consists of th practioner applying a cooling gel to the skin before the hand piece generating light pulses is placed over the area being treated. During the procedure, poeple may feel a slight pinching sensation. The hand peice is then moved to another area of skin and the process is repeated until all areas have been treated. 

What is the recovery time? 

The IPLExtra818 treatment is non-invasice and non-abletive treatment which offers indivifuals the opportunity to improve the texture and apperance of their skin without the risks and prolonged recovery time associated with other skin rejuvenation methods or surgery. 

Skin may appear slightly pink after treatment lasting a few hours depending on the senitivity of the skin. It is recommend to avoid direct sun exposure after treatment.


Prom, Grad & Wedding$150

Brow & Lash Tinting

Brow & Lash$30

Brow Tint$21

Lash Tint$21

Hand & Foot Care

Regular Manicure$50

Gel Manicure$60

Gel Removal $10

French Manicure$60

Includes nail shaping, cleansing nail soak, cuticle treatment, polish application, full arm and hand massae.

Regular Pedicure$75

Includes soothing fool soak, rough skin softening, cuticle treatment, relaxing foot massage,nail shaping, buffing polish application and much more!

Gel Pedicure$85

Includes soothing foot soak, rough skin softening, cuticle treatmeni, relaxing foot massage, nail shaping, buffing polish application and much more!

Massage and Back Therapy

Full Body Relaxation Massage (Half Hour)$55

Full Body Relaxation Massage (1 Hour)$105+

Hot Stone Massage (1 Hour)$120

Deep Tissue Massage (1 Hour)$115

Deep Tissue Massage (1.5 Hours)$180

An intensive session that gets to the source of tight, sore muscles. Firmer
pressure is used in conjunction with reflexology techniques to work out
tensions and help the body to unwind.

Back Therapy (1 Hour)$135

Cleansing of the back with removal of blemishes and impurities by using a mask to get to the source hot towels and back massage included in this service.

G.M Colin Clinical Facials

European Facial (40 Mins)$95

This is for you if you’re looking for a little relaxation and hydration and overall good cleansing of the skin.  This facial includes cleansing of the skin hot towels a few extractions. Followed with a facial massage and mask suited for your skin type. While your mask is on you will be royalty and he receiving a full arm and hand massage after all you’re a Special Beauty. Then a moisturizer is applied leaving your skin soft and radiant.

Hydro-lifting (1 Hour)$135

Hydro-lifting (1 Hour)$135

If your skin seems to lack tonicity or you notice your skin sagging around the jawline, cheeks, and neck area this uplifting treatment is for you. It is also the recommended treatment before a big event when you want a bet your best face forward and you want to show off (O present) a more youthful look. Your skin will be infused with moisture to minimize the appearance of dehydration while it restores a lifted and firmer appearance.

Oxygenating Skin Care (1 Hour)$165

If your skin is affected by blemishes and comedones or if it is excessively oily, Oxvgenating Skin Care should be your go-to treatment. This treatment helps to minimize skin breakouts, calms any redness associated with inflammation and has a mattifying effect. It includes a chemical peel to eliminate the buildup of keratinized skin cells, leaving your skin brighter, softer, and soothed. This treatment is also beneficial for combination and mature skin that needs a boost to restore its glowing complexion.

Sea C Spa (1 Hour)$140

This treatment is suitable for you if your skin appears dull, perhaps tired-looking and you spend a lot or time outdoors. Skin exposed to environmental pollutants and the sun is more prone to the negative effects of free radicals. This treatment combines the power of Lascorbic acid and other ingredients to harness free radicals and reduce their ability to damage the skin. Dullness is eradicated and skin appears radiant and glowing.

Collagen (1.5 Hour)$165

When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror do you sometimes have to take a second look? At a glance, does the person looking back at you from the mirror seem unrecognizable? Let Collagen 90+ rescue your skin. This incredible treatment minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, provides a lifting effect, soothes the skin to even the skin colour, and reduces redness, giving you back the youthful-looking skin you desire. A must-have treatment for so+ women and men to keep our skin as young as you are.

Botinol (1 Hour)$160

Have you noticed faintest or expression lines around your eyes and forehead! Are frown lines promoting you to contemplate Botox or are you already getting botox and wish to extend the results? If this seems familiar Botinol is the treatment for vou. It contains neuromodulating peptides that minimize the appearance or expression lines combined with retinol to smooth the overall appearance of skin.

Aloe Gel Mask Add On$30

This treatment is ideal to correct sensitivity or reddened areas on the skin, as it provides a soothing thermo-cooling effect that minimizes the appearance of redness. It is also effective for dry and dehydrated skin that feels tight and somewhat uncomfortable. This occlusive mask infuses the skin with ingredients that provide relief through immediate and long-lasting hydration, leaving the skin soothed and sort. Chemical peel (Prices vary). If your skin looks tired and your complexion seems dull, a chemical peel can easily be added to any or other clinical treatments or our regular facial. Formulated with 30% AmA and/or BrA, it promotes the exfoliation of the skins superficial lavers to remove dead skin cells, Improve the texture of skin and diminish the appearance of acne scars. Your skin will feel silky soft, and your complexion will appear brighter.


Tattoo Removal


Prices can vary. Bundle packs are available.

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